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Book cover for the product mindset. It is bright orange with a brain graphic and white text

The Product Mindset

Succeed in the Digital Economy by Changing the Way Your Team Thinks

Make sure everyone in your organization - from the C-Suite to the product team - is seeing the world through the same lens. Learn the keys to succeeding in the digital economy and building for outcomes.

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Selected for Gary's Book Club at CES 2020

The book was featured by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®  in Gary’s Book Club for CES® 2020. These prominent authors in the tech industry will autograph and promote their books to CES attendees and share insights in lively discussions on the CTA Stage, located in the Grand Lobby of the LVCC.

Jessica Hall and David DeWolf speak at CES

"David and Jessica's endeavor to equip companies with the tools and perspective to succeed in the evolving future of our digital environment is a worthwhile and essential read."

Gary Shapiro


"The Product Mindset has revolutionized our approach in serving students' and colleges' technology needs and improved our work to break down barriers to higher education. Whatever your mission, this approach is the way to accomplish it."

Jenny Rickard

CEO, Common App

"Chock full of practical insight, including the author’s mantra, 'digital products must be chosen,’ this book flips the way executives and their teams have to think about building digital experiences."

Anthea Stratigos

CEO, Outsell

"The approach David and Jessica have spelled out in The Product Mindset is precisely the one business leaders need to take if they want their company to excel with customers and succeed in an ever-changing, increasingly competitive market."

Tiffany Kleemann

CEO, Distil Networks

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