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AI Powered Interview Prep

Updated: Jul 1

If you’re gearing up for a job interview AI and relationships can help you prepare with less work.

Leverage recruiters as coaches

Recruiters want to find that perfect match between candidate and company. Take advantage by asking for insider tips on the company culture, interview format, potential questions, and recommended dress code. They want you to come prepared.

Tap into your network

Got any connections at the company? Reach out for the inside scoop on values and culture. No contacts? Check out platforms like ADPList to find employees willing to share insights. Hearing directly from current team members is invaluable.

Learn about the company

Look at press releases, annual reports and social media, plus third-party info like news and review sites. Use AI prompts to easily learn about the company, industry trends, challenges and opportunities. Just be sure to verify the information – AI can get creative.

Get to know the interviewers

Review LinkedIn profiles of your interviewers, look for their articles, videos, podcasts etc. AI can help you summarize what they’ve published to identify themes. Understanding their perspectives and priorities helps you connect during the interview.

Craft talking points

Identify stories that showcase your skills and achievements. What career moments are you proudest of? Jot down smart questions to evaluate whether the role and company are a mutual fit. Use AI to refine your ideas.

Image: This is the atrium ceiling in an office building somewhere in Washington D.C.


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