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Embracing AI in Design School: Advice for a Dad

Updated: Jun 30

During a talk on AI and Product Management, a concerned dad asked me what advice he should give to his daughter who is studying design in college. Her program discourages using large language models (LLMs) and views AI tools negatively. Here was my advice:

Learn to Use AI as a Tool

Technology often offers us new ways to be creative, from the camera and 3D animation to video installations and various graphic tools I've learned over the years. AI provides a new avenue for creativity and expression. Encourage your daughter to explore the capabilities of these tools and how to use them to achieve her vision.

Invest in the Fundamentals of Design

Understanding proportion, color, scale, texture, and other design principles will always be relevant. No matter where technology goes, learning how to conceive a work, explain her process, and take criticism constructively will serve her well.

Advocate for Responsible AI

Encourage your daughter to think critically about issues like consent, compensation, and ownership of creative work. Have her learn about bias, privacy, security, and AI ethics. This thoughtful engagement will ensure that AI is used responsibly and ethically in her creative process.

When faced with tension between opportunity and risk, the instinct might be to resolve it quickly. Instead, encourage her to embrace and navigate this tension thoughtfully. I sincerely hope she has a long and rewarding career.

Image: My girls on their own adventures. I don’t post pictures of their faces if you are wondering.


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