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Global Agility & Innovation Summit: Innovating and Competing as a Product Leader in the AI Age

Updated: Jun 19

Thank you to Sanjiv, Maggie and the LitheSpeed team for having me at the Agility + Innovation Summit on May 8, 2024. Attendees can find the deck, citations and AI resources below. I welcome feedback and questions on my Linktree.







Future of Work



Many of these are free to watch, there is a fee for a certificate



  1. The Artificial Intelligence Show

  2. AI Today Podcast

  3. The TWIML AI Podcast

  4. In Machines We Trust

  5. Last Week in AI

  6. The AI Breakdown

  7. Practical AI

  8. DeepMind: The Podcast

  9. Eye on AI

  10. AI in Business Podcast

  11. AI and the Future of Work

  12. Everyday AI

  13. Hard Fork

  14. WorkLab

  15. AI Knowhow

Cited Resources
  1. LinkedIn VP Aneesh Raman on Why Adaptability Is the Skill of the Moment (WorkLab)

  2. Tech at Work: What GenAI Means for Companies Right Now (HBR IdeaCast)

  3. Ep 179: Mastering Prompts With An OpenAI Ambassador – The One Secret Skill Revealed (Everyday AI)

  4. Can AI help boost accessibility? These researchers tested it for themselves (University of Washington)

  5. AI predicts outcomes of human rights trials (UCL News)

  6. What All Leaders Can Learn from the Ways AI Is Revolutionizing Medicine (WorkLab)

  7. A Scammy Snapshot of – 2023 (Federal Trade Commission)

  8. School Employee Arrested After Racist Deepfake Recording of Principal Spreads (New York Times)

  9. Design Principles FTW

  10. Extracting image metadata at scale (Netflix Technology Blog)

  11. Sketching Interfaces (Airbnb Design)

  12. We Surveyed 1093 Researchers About How They Use AI—Here’s What We Learned (

  13. Unlocking potential with scaffolding (Hallway Studio)

  14. Introducing the AI Transformation Playbook (Andrew Ng)

  15. Working Backwards: Insights, Stories, and Secrets from Inside Amazon (Colin Bryar, Bill Carr)

  16. Gemini image generation got it wrong. We’ll do better. (Google)

  17. Charles Duhigg on How to Build New Habits for the AI Era (WorkLab)

  18. AI for Everyone by Andrew Yang (Coursera)

  19. Uncommon Service

  20. Jobs-to-be-Done Framework (ProductBoard)

  21. Understanding the Kano Model – A Tool for Sophisticated Designers (Center Centre)

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